Thursday, December 9, 2021

Christmas Project Bag

I've been so many years now into sewing and I still have only one project bag and four (!) ongoing knitting projects, not to mention the sewing and the cross-stichting ones :)

So, today I took a quick browse through my fabric cuttings and selected three fairly matching pieces, that could make a project bag. And then I got my cutting mat and in an hour or so made a new Christmas project bag. 

It is fairly loosely based on the idea in this blog post. Alas, I was too assured of myself, as I had already sewn a project bag a few eons ago, so I did not actually read through the above post and consequently sewed the zipper as I would sew it to a dress, without leaving some space for it to close and lay flat at the opposite end - and as a result it puckers a bit when closed. 

Still, I am quite pleased with my bag and the way I was able to use up these cuttings and I already housed my newly dyed sock yarn in it, as I plan to start knitting these socks around Christmas break.

And I have so much more cotton cuttings, I am really tempted to whip up a few more of these bags soon.

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