Wednesday, September 27, 2017

FO: Milky Mist Cardigan

Finally, I found the time to finish this light weight summer cardigan I've been knitting all summer long for my daughter. And I just couldn't miss the opportunity to take a few pictures of it while we were at the seaside. I'm so in love with this cardigan! It's soft and breezy, the perfect cardigan for a summer vacation, I want one for me too!

The cardigan is my own design, the lace part incorporates the lace border of Milky Mist Wrap, a gorgeous free pattern on Ravelry. The total weight of the cardigan is only 200 g, approx. 3000 m of yarn.

Pattern: Milky Mist Cardigan, personal pattern, incorporates Milky Mist Wrap
Yarn: Zegna Baruffa Myfil raspberry 100 g, Zegna Baruffa Myfil fuchsia 100 g, Lora & Festa Jolly 217, 100 g, held together
Needle: 4.5 mm
Time to knit: 2 months

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Long Greek Weekend

Husband and I had a few wonderful days in Greece, enjoying the last beach days for this year. We stayed again in Asprovalta and traveled to the nearby Nea Vrasna, Stavros, Olimpiada and Ancient Stagira.

Asprovalta, Sept 23rd

Ancient Stagira and Olimpiada, Sept 24th

Sunrise in Asprovalta, Sept 25th

 desert flower

Cold rainy day, time to head home, Sept 26th
Olives with rain
 The Lion of Amphipoly
 Cotton field
 Ripe cotton
 Cloudy mountains

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

WIP: Pink Cardigan

A few sneak-peek photos of the cardigan I've been knitting for almost two months now. It's a very light, lacy cardigan, using three yarns of gradient colors held together to get an interesting mixed color effect. I'm using two threads of bright red Italian bobbin 10% cashmere, 20% silk, 70% merino, one thread of fuchsia color 100% merino and one thread of raspberry color 100% merino. So far I'm loving it, I've only one more sleeve to knit, I wish I had the free time ...

:: This is the state the cardigan was about a month ago

::Today I attached the first sleeve and if I can spare the time tonight I'll try to cast on the second sleeve

:: The border of the cardigan is lace and the body is stockinette stitch

: Just a touch of lace for the border of the sleeve. I should have knitted the sleeve in the round but it occurred to me only when I was half-way through knitting it. I was really surprised of myself that I hadn't thought of this earlier, am I getting more forgetful or what ?!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Peak Kamen Del

After last weeks extreme adventures, this Saturday we opted for a short and easy hike to the most panoramic peak on Vitosha - Kamen Del. We've been on many peaks, where one can observe the city below, but this is the ultimate place to view the entire city. We stayed on the peak for a while, trying to spot various landmarks and places, including our building: