Monday, June 24, 2019

Seven Rila Lakes 2019

In a month of rain and thunderstorms last Saturday was forecast to be an oasis of calm sunny weather with occasional clouds but no rain, so we planned our traditional hike to the Seven Rila lakes. This year we decided to risk the climb a month earlier than we usually do it, as Gaby had never been to the lakes and she wanted very much to join us. For a third year in a row she'll be spending the summer abroad - she won a grant for a two months' internship at the IST in Vienna, so it had to be this Saturday or next year. The day turned out to be the perfect day for hiking in Rila - not very hot, not too crowded, not too cloudy (last year we almost didn't see the lakes because of the fogs and clouds) - just perfect. To make things more interesting, we tried again a new circular route, which was enjoyed by everybody on board.
I've written about the lakes three times on this blog already, so this time I'll just post lots and lots of pictures.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kopitoto 2019

A short and easy hike on Vitosha to Kopitoto and back. Alex has an important math exam tomorrow and wanted to air his head with a hike on Vitosha, not very long and tiresome. Just a few snapshots of the green paths and panoramic views:

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Second Peasant Skirt Burda 3/2013 #123

This is the second peasant skirt I made for Gaby, based on the pattern in Burda 3 / 2013. The fabric is nice high quality cotton with a little stretch. The top part of the skirt is lined with the same fabric and the skirt closes with a zipper. For the first skirt I used a visible zipper, which I placed using the squared method. For this skirt I decided to use the overlapped method, following this excellent tutorial. However, I hadn't thought it through, as adding the lining to the skirt with the overlapped zipper turned to be quite troublesome. I managed it, but I'm looking into invisible zippers now and next time I'll stick to centered zippers, invisible or not.

I'm pleased with how the skirt turned out and it has been quite in use since I sewed it at the end of last month. Now I'm thinking of a pretty white lace top to go with it.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Lulin, Dupevitza 2019

Almost exactly to the date and again on the World Wide Knit in Public day last year we climbed peak Dupevitza in Lulin mountain and we came upon a field of ripe and extra-aromatic wild strawberries. So, hoping to repeat the feast, yesterday we chose Dupevitza for our hike again. But no year is like any other. Obviously, the cold April and May have slowed the development of the berries and the strawberries were just blossoming and far from ripening :( But the place was like a wild flowers garden - very beautiful and peaceful, we had a really good time on Lulin.