Sunday, October 27, 2019

Kladnitza 2019

After the high mountains of the previous weekends, this Saturday we chose a very pleasant 17 km round trail in the low parts of Vitosha near the village of Kladnitza. We explored the trail for the first time last year and liked it a lot and this time it was even better under the warm Indian summer sun.

: The trail starts with lots of gorgeous paths through autumn colored forests

: It gradually rises to one of the plateaus under peak Selimitza

: Our picnic area

: The southern ridges of Vitosha

: A pleasant surprise - bales of hay, drying on the plateau

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Mt. Polezhan, Pirin 2019

On our second day in Pirin we hiked up and climbed two of the peaks near Bezbog hut - Mt. Polezhan, the 7th highest in the country, and Mt. Bezbog.

: Early in the morning the trail was covered with frost, but the day promised to be sunny and warm. We were so, so lucky on our October hikes this year, enjoying the absolutely perfect hiking weather!

: The trail leads straight up the ridge

: The view from the ridge was breathtaking! The lower part of the mountain looked like a sea of peaks under the morning haze

: Mt. Polezhan from the ridge

: The frost melted into dew under the warm sun

: The trail runs right along the ridge

: A herd of wild goats ran down the peak! It was amazing to see them so up close!

: A view from the peak to Popovo lake and other smaller lakes

: With its 2851 m Polezhan is the 5th highest peak in Pirin. I was amazed to learn that the first 80 highest peaks in Bulgaria are in Rila and Pirin only, the other mountains like the Balkans and Vitosha being much lower than these two.

: A view to the three highest peaks of Pirin - the marble giants Vihren, Kutelo and Banski Suhodol.

: Our next goal - Mt. Bezbog, which is connected to Polezhan through a big ridge.

: On Mt. Bezbog (2645 m)

: We had our lunch on these (stone age ;)) pieces of furniture

: Bezbog hut and the lake from the peak

: We decided to take an alternative trail back - a very steep shortcut along the slope of Mt. Bezbog. Weary to the knees, but always exciting to try something new.

: Lake Bezbog looked so beautifully blue under the bright midday sun

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Popovo lake, Pirin 2019

This year we are enjoying an absolutely amazing weather in October and our family is trying to make the best of it. This past weekend we booked a night at Bezbog hut in Pirin and went hiking for two days in one of the most beautiful mountains in the country.

: Bezbog hut with the lake Bezbog in front

: Peak Djangal and first glimpse of Popovo lake

: Popovo lake - one of the biggest mountain lakes I've been to and certainly one of the most beautiful

: We chose this spot for our picnic area, where we chilled out for two hours

: When the sun began going down behind the high peaks around, we decided to make a full round of the lake

: And down by the river back to Bezbog

: Ribnoto (Fish) lake

: Bezbog in the warm glow of the sunset