Saturday, December 11, 2021

WIP Charming Waterway by Dimensions

In 2014 I started a big cross stitch picture by Dimensions, called Charming Waterway, based on a painting by Victor Shvaiko. I was very keen on cross-stitching then and worked on it for months. Then I abandoned it, as it often happens with me and big projects, but resumed stitching it in 2015, when I probably passed the 3/4 marker. And then abandoned it and cross stitching as a whole - for years.

This year I took it out of its bag, studied the charts and the flosses and resumed stitching it from time to time. I am moving very slowly and I suspect this will be my last cross stitch project, as my eyes are getting weaker and needle point work is not good for them at all.

To the left is a sample of the finished picture and I am really not that far from the end. I'm not imposing any deadlines or making any promises, I just hope I'll finish it and frame it one day, as I like it and it would be a shame to leave it uncompleted so close to the finish line.

I have plenty of work and back stitching to do on the left half of the picture,

but the right half is almost completely finished but for some backstitching here and there.

Some of my favourite details close up

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  1. Really lovely work!

    My eyes are now way too old to stitch without assistance - getting myself a magnifying light has been an absolute game changer.