Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Striped Longsleeve

I love sewing T-shirts and longsleeves and luckily they are always in demand :)

This is my latest make for Gaby - a striped longsleeve. The pattern is a true and tried Burda basic tee 6820, with a few minor modifications.

Because the blouse is not made for me, the sleeves are a bit longer on me and it is a bit narrow around the bust - I hope it will fit Gaby better, as I've made it following her measurements and not mine; I'm just demonstrating it here with a few quick photos.

The pattern is very simple and if it wasn't for the stripes, one could make it with closed eyes. To ensure perfect matching of my stripes, I cut the back and then laid the cut piece on the fabric and traced the side seams, so that the stripes under the armholes would match perfectly. For the sleeves, I cut one of them and then similarly traced the other one, using the first as a pattern, to ensure that the stripes would be situated identically. I'm really happy with how my stripes were matched on this T-shirt.

The only new and interesting feature of this longsleeve is the neckline - I decided to try an interfaced neckline. I traced the neck of the front and the back, cut the pieces an inch wide, attached the interfacing to the neck and then sewed it down to fix it. I saw this idea on TomKat Stitchery's channel and I loved it! It is especially relevant for striped blouses, as it allows you to preserve the clean line of the stripes around the neck.

I have another Burda pattern - Top #117 from Burdastyle 07/2019, which I bought recently, but still haven't made. It turned to be actually absolutely identical to Burda 6820, apart from the interesting short sleeve detail and the wider neckline. There the neckline is also finished with an interfacing, only the pattern does not suggest sewing the interfacing down to the blouse, but I find this last step crucial, otherwise the interfacing would keep moving and poking.

Pattern: Burda 6820
Size: 36
Fabric: heavy cotton knit
Time to make: 2 days

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