Monday, October 11, 2021

Rainy Autumn

Photos from my walk around our small park yesterday morning. It's a shame I'm too lazy to do it every day, especially in the mornings, when the park is almost empty, but it was such a nice walk under the light drizzle.

This year autumn and cold came early and it seems they are here to stay, the good news - the central heating is on as of today, hurray :) I've taken out my knitting needles and started a pair of wool socks for husband and I'm beginning to plan sweaters and cardigans again. Cozying by the heater with a fresh knitting project and an engaging movie - well, cold weather has its perks too, I guess.


And an old pudding recipe, that my granny used to make around this time of the year, when the extended family gathered for the grapes picking (my grandparents were wine makers) and which I absolutely adored.

After the grapes had been picked and the first grape juice was made, she would take a mug of juice, add sugar, toasted flour and a lot of broken walnuts and make this pudding. Mine didn't come as tasty as I remember hers, but I'm not sure if it's the distorted childhood memories, the quality of the grape juice (I made mine at home from store bought grapes) or my proportions. I'll definitely try it again.

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