Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Blue Cap Sleeve Shirt Burda #103 5 / 2012

I've prepared a whole series of posts of items I've sewed these last weeks - I'm on a roll! On Sunday Gaby and I took advantage of the fairly warm and sunny day - a rarity in a month of rain and cold, and photo shoot a blouse, a skirt and a pair of pants I sewed for her (if spring and summer ever come :)
The blouse is the second one I sewed based on pattern Burda #103 from the May issue of 2012. In the first version I shortened the sleeves and for this version I cut them even more radically and made them cap sleeves as per Gaby's wish.

For the sewing of the cap sleeves I followed this video and for the attaching of the flat collar was helpful again the video tutorial by Diane Deziel.
The fabric is cotton poplin, slightly denser than the poplin for the first shirt.
I made all of my seams flat felled seams where possible and I shortened the pattern to fit Gaby's height. If I use this pattern again I think I'll go easy on the shortening and make the shirt a couple of centimeters longer and will lower back the waist line by a centimeter. But the fit as it is is quite alright and she has worn the blouse twice already.


  1. Great finish; it fits her perfectly.

    1. Thank you! This one is her favourite so far, she's been wearing it a lot.