Monday, April 15, 2019

Burda 5/2012 #103

I hadn't taken my sewing machine out since last November. As much as I love sewing, it is definitely more resource demanding than knitting. While I could just take my knitting project and knit a row or two anytime I feel like it, to sew I need a lot of space - physical and mental. I've tried sewing on various places in the house and the only comfortable and wide enough place for cutting and sewing is the dining table. And once I occupy it with my sewing machine and my iron, we have no place to dine properly. Alex even sarcastically asked me a few days ago what happened to my "more family friendly hobbies" :).

But I've been bitten by the sewing bug again and last week I went downtown and bought the new Burda 04 / 2019 and three shirt-worth amounts of textile. The first shirt I whipped during the rainy weekend is a very popular design out of an old Burdastyle magazine - the May edition of 2012. It is a cute fitted shirt with short sleeves and a collar with bias band.

The shirt is for Gaby and I did my usual  shortenings of the pattern pieces - 1 cm above the armholes, 2 cm above the waist and 2 cm below the waist. As this pattern starts from size 36 and Gaby is 34, I also experimented with vertical cutting of the pieces and reducing the width by 1 cm each - a total of 4 cm reduced width, which turned out perfect for her (patting myself on the shoulder :)

The fabric is thin cotton with small floral prints. I have little knowledge of textiles yet, and all the shop assistant was able to tell me was the textile content and that it was intended for shirts. I've been listening intently to sewing youtubers lately and I am especially fond of two channels - Swedish sewist Johanna Lu's The Last Stitch and British Saturday Night Stitch. When talking about cotton, both ladies specify the type of cotton fabric they use dependent on the weaving and density of the material, but I'm (still) clueless - both in Bulgarian or English. I hope I'll be able to gradually get a better understanding of textiles as I have now of yarn. I know, practice is the best teacher.

In my sewing research I also found it very useful to consult not only the official site, but the Russian For some reason Russians are more active in the photo gallery and provide very detailed and useful comments on the patterns, accompanied but many photos of the sewn garments. Thus this particular blouse had 33 finished examples. The German site had only two examples and I couldn't find the pattern on the global site, but I found the similar #104.
When I knit from a pattern I always study Ravelry first and I'm used to consulting with the experience others have had with the pattern before me. So I would recommend checking the Russian site for visual information if you intend to sew from Burdastyle magazine.

This is my second shirt with a collar with bias band. Last time I searched and searched the net and in my books, but evidently I didn't know how to ask the question and I couldn't find a tutorial on this type of collar construction, so I improvised. This time I found it - a very useful tutorial by Diane Deziel and I'm so happy to have learned a new trick!

Gaby already wore the shirt fresh from the sewing machine yesterday evening and I'm pretty happy with the fit! If she can find the time I might arrange a modeled photo session too. And I have a couple more shirts to sew :)

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  1. That's a cute shirt! I hope to be able to make such a garment one day. The Archer Shirt (?) is a popular pattern of one of the independent pattern designers. A friend of mine has made it many times and even for her husband I think.