понеделник, 14 октомври 2019 г.

Shtrashnoto Ezero, Rila 2019

Last Saturday was an absolutely divine day for a hike in the high mountains and we had booked it for the long and scenic round trail to Strashnoto ezero in Rila. We were there for the first time last year, but this time we had Gaby with us too. And a curious fact - I had taken two finished knitted items with me to photo shoot during the hike and I forgot to take picture of them :))) I'll have to organize a photosession soon, for finished items are piling up quicker than I manage to document them.

:: Yonchevo lake, the first of many lakes we passed on our way

:: The Scary lake (Strashnoto ezero)

:: Other lakes, unnamed on the map

:: Malyovitza peak and the hut

: Malyovitza river

сряда, 2 октомври 2019 г.

Erma and Yablanitza 2019

Pictures from our trip to the gorges of Erma and Yablanitza along the quite dilapidated eco trails:

неделя, 29 септември 2019 г.

Purple Gingham

Two more items I made recently, out of purple gingham fabric I was gifted. Both of these were made for Gaby, but she is not very enthused about the color and the fabric, so they might turn to be only muslins for more wearable clothes next summer.

The first is a free peasant blouse pattern - Gypsy Top by www.lovesewingmag.co.uk
I made the smallest size - 8-10, the instructions are very clear  and easy to follow, so it was an easy project. However, the resulting blouse was very, very wide and formless. To make it at least somewhat wearable I added the elasticated waist and now it is quite pleasing in front, but still too balloony at the back. All in all, I do not recommend the pattern.

I turned the rest of the fabric into another button down dress. The pattern is again from the Russian site Shkatulka, WD240418. They offer size 40 (xs) for free, plus a video tutorial. I changed the pattern, turning it into a button down dress at the front, eliminating the zipper at the back. I also reduced a bit the length and the width of the skirt, as I didn't have enough fabric for the whole dress as designed. But I had big enough cuts to add pockets to the dress and I am so satisfied with them :)

The dress is supposed to be size XS and height 168 cm, but it fits me - size S and height 156 cm, so bear that in mind. It is just a tiny bit tight at the bust area (I was making it for Gaby), but I intend to make another dress for myself, following the pattern and I'll be adding just a couple of cm to the width.

Next time I'll make the dress as is designed, with a hidden zipper at the back and without the button placket at the front.

неделя, 15 септември 2019 г.

Button Up Dress

Finally, today I found the time to take pictures of a linen dress I made about a month ago. This is probably the most creative I've gotten with sewing so far, unfortunately the pictures do not give justice to the way I feel in this dress, as imperfect as it is.

The dress is a hybrid between a free pattern by Peppermint Magazine, designed by In the Folds and Burda # 118 03 / 2013 to get something similar to a ready-to-wear dress I saw while googling button-up dresses. Initially I had decided to make the In The Folds dress, I even printed, glued and cut the pattern and then I reconsidered. I did not like the rather roomy and shapeless form of their dress and I was not sure it was at all my style.

So I googled button-up dresses and decided to take a fitted shift dress from Burda and make it into a button-up dress. I followed the way the In The Folds dress was constructed in front and made my own lining based on the lining for their dress. I also followed the very detailed and helpful instructions, provided by the Peppermint Magazine while sewing my hybrid dress. There were some tricks, concerning the attachment of the lining, which were very interesting and I would have never come up with them on my own.

The fabric of the dress is also very special to me, as this is the first fabric I've dyed before making a garment. The original fabric was linen in bright orange yellow, which was gifted to me. I loved the fabric, but the color wasn't me. So I prepared a solution of hot water and salt and bordeaux cotton dye and I worked the fabric in it for at least half an hour. I do mean "worked" - I knew from experience, that if I simply left the fabric in the pot, it would dye unevenly, so I moved and squeezed it constantly, until most of the dye was absorbed. Then I let the fabric dry and fixed the dye by ironing the fabric at the highest temp on my iron. I still haven't washed the dress, but some tests I did on the cuttings showed some loss of color during washing, so I'm still not declaring the experiment a success.

I love linen, but I'm not convinced I'll be making another dress out of linen soon, not if it creases as this linen. On these photos I had just ironed the dress and travelled in the car for less than 15 min and it's all creased - so impractical :( Next time, probably next summer, I'm thinking of a repetition of the pattern, but in chambray.

Something about the belt. Initially I hadn't thought of a belt at all, but after I finished the dress it looked to me kind of missing something, so I gathered the bigger remnants of the fabric (I had only 1.30 m and barely squeezed a full sized dress) and made a belt. But I'm not happy with it either. When I fasten it, it creates a puff on the back and tends to cover the central button. So next time one more mod of the pattern would be a belt, which is part of the dress.

I can't decide whether to keep the belt ends in front

or at the back. I can wear it with a thin leather belt too, but a waist band would be better.