събота, 15 юни 2019 г.

Kopitoto 2019

A short and easy hike on Vitosha to Kopitoto and back. Alex has an important math exam tomorrow and wanted to air his head with a hike on Vitosha, not very long and tiresome. Just a few snapshots of the green paths and panoramic views:

четвъртък, 13 юни 2019 г.

Second Peasant Skirt Burda 3/2013 #123

This is the second peasant skirt I made for Gaby, based on the pattern in Burda 3 / 2013. The fabric is nice high quality cotton with a little stretch. The top part of the skirt is lined with the same fabric and the skirt closes with a zipper. For the first skirt I used a visible zipper, which I placed using the squared method. For this skirt I decided to use the overlapped method, following this excellent tutorial. However, I hadn't thought it through, as adding the lining to the skirt with the overlapped zipper turned to be quite troublesome. I managed it, but I'm looking into invisible zippers now and next time I'll stick to centered zippers, invisible or not.

I'm pleased with how the skirt turned out and it has been quite in use since I sewed it at the end of last month. Now I'm thinking of a pretty white lace top to go with it.

неделя, 9 юни 2019 г.

Lulin, Dupevitza 2019

Almost exactly to the date and again on the World Wide Knit in Public day last year we climbed peak Dupevitza in Lulin mountain and we came upon a field of ripe and extra-aromatic wild strawberries. So, hoping to repeat the feast, yesterday we chose Dupevitza for our hike again. But no year is like any other. Obviously, the cold April and May have slowed the development of the berries and the strawberries were just blossoming and far from ripening :( But the place was like a wild flowers garden - very beautiful and peaceful, we had a really good time on Lulin.

събота, 8 юни 2019 г.

Scoop Top Tunic

Lately I'm very much into yoga pants / leggings and tunics - that's my type of home wear, bed wear and hiking wear. I've got a reasonable amount of yoga pants and I'm not sure I'll be able to sew a descent pair of stretchy pants just on my straight machine, though I've bought a pattern and I'll give it a try. But I can make quite wearable tunics with a straight and zigzag stitch and a stretch needle. And this is the first of the lot, made out of the cheap knit fabric I bought for trials (in my defense it looked better as a roll in the shop :) The fabric is 100% cotton, not very stretchy and the stretch is only in the horizontal direction.

The pattern is a hybrid between Burda 2/2011 shirt #106 B and the Scoop Top. I took the upper part and the sleeves from the Burda T-shirt, but I flared the sleeves a bit and I lowered the neckline; and the underarms part is from the scoop top.

As I had enough fabric, I tried to match the horizontal stripes wherever I could. I added fusible to the shoulder seams for strength and false-flat seamed the shoulder and side seams.

At the front the neck lays pretty flat, but there is a bit of bulging on the back side of the neck - I think I should cut the neck band even shorter next time.

As I liked the length of the tunic exactly as I had cut it and didn't want it not an inch shorter, I decided not to fold the edges, but to process them with a very dense shallow zigzag, imitating an over-locked edge.

And just as I finished my long sleeved tunic, summer finally came with temperatures over 30C today. I have some more of this fabric left, so it is time for a new sleeveless tunic out of it :)

четвъртък, 6 юни 2019 г.

Colors of Italy - Salumeria Educa 1500 Puzzle

Last week I spent two of my active evenings in futile search for my next knitting and sewing projects. I have 9 balls of Drops Muskat 100% Egyptian cotton and I want to cast on a new summer cardigan. I went through Ravelry, browsed my favourites, pondered over my queued projects, went on the Drops Design site through every single design they have published for Drops Muskat yarn, finally randomly googled images of knitted summer cardigans - nothing. Hours wasted in search and nothing clicked.
I spent Friday evening and all of Saturday sewing a new pair of pants for Gaby (which still need to be photographed and blogged about) and on Sunday I started browsing through my Burdas to decide what to sew next. And again - nothing. After hours of going through patterns, checking the Russian Burda site for amateur works and trying to match them in my mind with my fabrics, not only was I left uninspired, but almost depressed. Until I figured it out - I was just tired of constant sewing and knitting, I needed a break.
I've had two unopened 1500 pcs. puzzles for more than a year and maybe it was time to assemble one of them. I'm a sucker for such corny puzzle pictures of beautiful city sites and I've had four delightful evenings, listening to Poirot mysteries and gradually creating the whole picture:

Monday morning:

Tuesday morning:

Wednesday morning:

This is my 5th Educa puzzle and so far I had regarded the brand as one of the reputable ones. However, despite my enjoyment of the puzzle, mostly due to the picture, which is quite to my taste where puzzles are concerned, I have a good mind to write to the company with my complaints. Apart from the fact, that the cutting was of very low quality and the pieces weren't unique in shape and form and were easily replaceable, there are two major blunders in this puzzle: part of the key picture is covered with the company logo and other insignia - this means that this part is to be assembled blindly, which is inadmissible, no respectable company does that and this is the first time I see such puzzle cover design; and secondly - there are two black spots, one of them rather significant, which should not have been there and are not part of the picture. If this was a watch or a purse I would immediately assume that it was a counterfeit, but who would counterfeit a puzzle?!

Anyway, I feel refreshed after four evenings of puzzle assembly and last night I knitted a large gauge sample for Joy cardigan by Kim Hargreaves and traced a T-shirt Burda pattern, which I might turn into a tunic for me. Back to old creatively inspired me :)