Sunday, December 8, 2019

Vitosha, First Snow 2019

A short hike on Vitosha after the first truly cold and snowy days this year. We drove to Zlatnite, climbed to Kumata hut and then went back down to Zlatnite, passing through Ofeliite and Malinka hut, a meager 7 km along the ice covered paths. Honestly - not enough, but better than none. Hopefully, we'll have the time and imagination to organize something more interesting and effort consuming next week.

: The morаines on Zlatnite

: A fallen tree, eaten by bark beetles. The stem under the bark looks so intricately  carved

: The children's snow slide at Ofeliite

: The fire in Malinka hut was so inviting

: Some of the trees still haven't lost all of their leaves

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  1. So cute to see the children getting ready to sled down the hill. What smiles they must have brought to all.