Monday, December 30, 2019

Burda 6475 Plaid Tunic

My first sewing-related blog post for the past three months! With the Spanish course and all the traveling and hiking taking all of my spare time, I hadn't sewn for quite a while. But with a few free days around Christmas I felt inspired to take out the sewing machine again. I bought two Burda patterns and already made the first one - a tunic for me, to be worn at home. I prefer tunics and leggings as my leisure clothes and I'm constantly in need of tunics.
The fabric is cotton plaid and it was quite insufficient for the pattern, as I had bought it with a simple plaid shirt in mind. However I managed to squeeze almost the entire tunic out of it, with an addition of some black cotton fabric for the hood. I had initially made the dress without the hood, as in view B of the pattern, but I did not like the gaping neck, so the next day I took out all of my black cotton fabric and constructed the hood out of a piece from a failed dress project (more than 25 years old!) and scraps from the plaid fabric. And now I'm happy with the final result.
It's true, the tunic looks like a potato sack, as it has almost no shaping, but the hood and the kangaroo pocket at least provide some interest to the design.

Despite the fact, that the pattern says "super easy" on the cover, it entailed a lot and a lot of sewing, and not easy sewing either! I made all of the seams flat felled seams and though it meant additional work, I love the neat look of the tunic from the inside.
  • I shortened  the dress into a tunic by at least 10 cm and I made the back equal in length to the front. 
  • I added cuffs to the sleeves and made them almost full length, but the cuffs are narrow enough so as to hold the bunched up sleeves, if I feel like wearing shorter sleeves. And I also narrowed the sleeves, as I didn't like how wide and uncomfy they were designed.
  • I am size 36, but the dress comes with so much positive ease, that I made size 34 and it is still wide enough for me.
  • And obviously, I made a combination of the A and B look, adding the rounded hem and the bias cut yoke to the kangaroo pocket and hood dress A.
Sorry for the meager photos, but I didn't want to go out in the snow in a leisure tunic and leggings, and it is too dark to take descent photos inside our apartment, so I took advantage of the large windows in the common area on the floor of our the building, which I've turned into a winter garden.

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