Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Pants Burda 5/2013 #117A

My next sewing project is a pair of pants out of very drapy cotton fabric. When Gaby was in Thailand and Vietnam, she bought a pair of very colorful light cotton pants with quite a loose fit, which she's been wearing about the house for three years now. She finds them extremely comfortable and she wanted me to sew her something similar. I browsed through the Burda Style site and chose this pattern, as it seemed loose enough and it also had a picture tutorial on how to make, which was a plus. 
I bought the magazine issue specifically for this pattern and the striped fabric looked ideal for the pants. However, when I sewed the pants, I found that they are quite fitted at the hips and the loose fit is only at the waist, which is regulated with the string. The design is more suitable for a city walk than for lounging in the house. I've bought another fabric and a new pattern, which seems more close to what I was looking for, and these pants may actually get some wear out during the summer. I like their fit on Gaby and they seem comfortable and wearable.

Features about the pattern I like - the fit around the hip area and the back. The drape is nice and flattering. However I find the waist band, which is formed by folding the back and the front together with the pockets, to be too bulky and the regulation of the waist just by the string is a bit flimsy. I think it would have been better to cut the pattern at the waist and add a separate waist band with some elastic and add the string more as a decoration.


  1. Fun pants for warm weather. I need to make my tween more flannel pants or maybe in cotton for her to wear at home. When she gets home she shucks off her jeans and like to wear soft pants about the house.

    1. Yeh, Gaby does the same, these days I plan to start cutting and sewing a second pair of light pants for her out of colorful viscose fabric.