Thursday, May 23, 2019

Peasant Skirt Burda 3/2013 #123

The third project I finished these days is a peasant skirt. I actually made two of these, based on Burda 3/2013 #123 pattern. The "pattern" is mostly a description of the straps of fabric you need for each layer, which I totally ignored and calculated on my own, based on Gaby's height and I only used the drawings for the upper part of the skirt. Although the pattern is marked as easy, I found it quite labour intensive and the double upper yoke with the zipper had me banging my head over it the whole evening, until I figured the correct sequence of putting it together. Nevertheless, this particular feature of the pattern - the fitted yoke, makes the skirt very elegant and draw me to the pattern in the first place.

The skirt in the pictures is a wearable muslin I made out of a piece of fabric I was gifted. I am not quite sure of the content of the fabric, but the burn test showed that it is mostly if not entirely artificial. Still, the muslin turned out quite well fitting and the skirt might even get some wear later this summer. I missed the opportunity on Tuesday to take pictures of the second peasant skirt I finished this weekend and which Gaby already wore to Uni. I made it out of cotton poplin and I'm truly pleased with how it turned out, she even got some compliments on her outfit :) I hope I'll be able to take a picture or two of it some day.

And I'm carrying on ... I bought more fabric and more Burda style patterns and magazines, I'll be busy sewing this summer :)))


  1. Can I ask you why is Burda a favorite brand of yours to sew from? Are their patterns easier? I like her peasant skirt. I still feel at a loss here for warm weather clothes.

    1. I prefer Burda, because it is easily available and affordable here, we have a specialized shop, which sells single Burda patterns and old and new magazine issues. Independent downloadable patterns are a bit pricy for me. And I plan to start learning to draft slopers.