Sunday, May 19, 2019

Polovrak in May, 2019

It is a rare and happy day when both of our children join us on a hike. We chose a close and well loved trail in the Lozen mountain. After a month of rain and cold the day was sunny and soon after we stepped on the track we left the clouds below us and above us was only the blue sky. The view to the cloud covered fields of Sofia was mesmerizing!

:Lozen Monastery

: Dam Iskar in the distance with Rila peaks high above

Peak Polovrak (1182 m) and Vitosha

: A small cave in a rock. We entered in but it is nothing special, just a hollow about 3 m deep, with openings in the rock above as sky windows


  1. How lovely to have a family day!

    1. Oh, yes! I wish we could do that more often, but Gaby is usually busy and Alex is not into hiking, alas.