Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I've been debating with myself all day long whether to blog about my first day of Me-Made-May or not. I know I said I'll report my participation in the challenge weekly, but the commencement of the month somehow feels special and calls for noting. So, I'm noting it with this post :)
When I took part in SSS'11, I thought more about what to wear and how to arrange for somebody to take a picture of me. But looking at the beautiful and masterfully taken photos of other participants made me realize how much I enjoy well photographed garments and how important the presentation of an outfit is (to me). This made me buy a better camera with a tripod and try to improve my pictures for the blog, giving more thought to the background of my photos. As a result I often catch myself walking through the neighborhood looking for beautiful or just interesting places where I could shoot any future finished object.

So yesterday, while walking to my Pilates class, I thought of the snow covered peaks of Vitosha and how beautiful they stand against the greenery of the city. And it occurred to me that I want Vitosha to be on the first of my MMM'13 photos. I took the pictures early in the morning, while there was still little movement along the high bridge over our river. As for the choice of what to wear, the month of May is excellent for my numerous little cotton cardies and I've got many more on my knitting wish list :)

I'm finding the MMM'13 Flickr pool very inspiring, I wish I could sew at least half as expertly as these ladies!


  1. I really loved your outfit yesterday! I was so hoping to take part this year, but I'm going to be out of town for half the month, which will just make it too difficult. Seems like this happens to me every year! But I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's photos.