Friday, May 31, 2013


Pattern: Gardenia by Tina Hees from Verena 01 / 2013
Yarn: Alize Bella 100% cotton, 80g white colorway 01 and 110 g coral colorway 38
Needles: 2.5 mm rib, 3 mm body
Time to knit: one month

So, this is Gardenia - so much struggle for such a little cardi. I knitted it to my own proportions and gauge, changed (three times :))) the white neckband and button bands and omitted the ribbons.
I'm still not sure how I feel about it and I don't have many clothes to match it with. The yarn however is very soft and pleasant, I might use it again.

With this cardi I tried to step outside my comfort zone - a bit of vintage look, and I'm usually not into vintage and coral and off white - definitely not my colors. As a result I struggled with the process and feel doubtful about the result. Now I'm not sure should I urge myself to stray from the colors and style I've found to suit me in the course of four decades. Anyway and probably because of these doubts my next project is in a "safe" beige color and from a beloved designer.

Linked to Linda's Creative Friday for an abundance of this week's finished objects.


  1. I like this color on you! And I think it would go well with denim, navy or khaki/tan bottoms. I hope it gets some wear!

  2. Lovely sweater, and it fit's you beautifully. That said, you're a smart woman and you know what you like and will wear. Looking forward to your next project.

  3. Actually, this is lovely! And seems to be a perfect fit. So well-knitted and designed. I like the different width stripes. I'd say enjoy it for awhile in the warm weather. Then if you still are not sure, I know there are those around you who would love to give this beautiful sweater a new home. Enjoy--and good work!

  4. I think it looks really nice on you but I can understand it might be hard to match to other things in your wardrobe. It really makes a statement. I think you need some oversized white framed sunglasses!

  5. A nice, cheerful colorway for sping and summer! This would look good with blue jean skinnies and maybe worn over a white tank?