Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MMM'13 - Third Week

The third week of the challenge - mostly hot weather, slightly colder on the 16th with heavy rain in the evening.

Day 15Jasmine by Kim Hargreaves in cotton and acrylic. Soft and comfy, but if I had to do it again, I would make it in 100% cotton or cotton and viscose (as was my initial intention):

Day 16 - My long sleeved version of Elfe, cotton and acrylic. It's soft and I intended it for wear at home, but it doesn't get much out of the closet.

Day 17 - Sabrina top, cotton and viscose and  crocheted floppy brim black hat for the Friday theme - hats. The hat was only for the photo - I never wear floppy brim hats anywhere else but the beach. The top was very difficult to make, but it's again a garment I rarely wear.

Day 18 - Short cardigan Mystic River by DROPS Design and refashioned linen dress. Last summer I meant to blog about the refashioning of the dress, but as it was done in a hurry just before our vacation on the Black sea, I never got to it. The fabric is very crinklable (if there's such a word) linen, but light and pleasant to wear and the kiwi color is fresh in my wardrobe. Therefore I bought the dress, even though the fit was awful and then repaired it to fit me. I should wear it more often, I felt good in it on Saturday.

Day 19 - Easily what I wear most often in summer - my linen shrug and the crocheted bag. I have another crocheted bag in mind, but we'll see if I ever get to it among all my other plans.

Day 20 - Frenchy top, personal pattern. Easy to wear and flattering, I usually put it on when I'm feeling down. First time accessorized with this red stones neckpiece I think I bought in Greece - I liked the combination. Gaby was also in me-made this day - she put on her lilac Joy cardigan on her way to school in the morning.

Day 21 - Sea Breeze Top by Lion Brand Yarn, 100% viscose. This is what I'm still wearing at the moment. One of my first crochetted attempts, I've thought many times to frog it and recover the yarn for a knitted top. May be one day I will.

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