Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hand-knitted vs RTW

Can you spot my yarn bomb in the background :)

I was rather emotional yesterday regarding my knitting. It's hot lately with some chill in the mornings and I urged Gaby to wear her knitted summer cardigans to school as I consider them more beautiful than any RTW hoodie or jacket she could put on. And because she is really the sweetest girl she wore her Joy on Monday and her Blue cotton cardigan yesterday.

However when she returned from school she told me about an equivocal remark a classmate had made regarding her hand-knitted cardigan. I know that there is still some prejudice (at least in Bulgaria there is) regarding hand-knitting and hand-knitted clothes. It's explainable and obviously originates from deep-seated scorn to manual labour and especially to feminine labour. A cardigan like this, made from 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton is of higher quality, custom-made and original compared to the made in China with polyester contents designer clothes at the mall, but I suppose it requires some maturity to appreciate the difference. And a teenage society is mostly about conformity, I know that.

Still in the afternoon she was happy to put the cardigan on again and pose for a few photos in the rose garden in front of our building. I know she knows that she looks beautiful and elegant in her cardigan.

Or maybe I'm just biased ...


  1. She does look beautiful. And just maybe, a bit of jealousy because she looks so cute? Also, that she has a mother who would take time to make something for her. But unfortunately, it is a lot of conformity that makes kids target those who don't conform.

  2. That's such BS. This cardi looks so fantastic, so much better than similar items that are sold in stores. I hope your daughter wasn't overly distraught over that stupid remark.