Saturday, May 25, 2013


Yesterday we went to Osogovo Mountain, some 110 km from home. We had been planning the hike of Mount Ruen (2251 m) for a while, had a reservation at the Three Beeches Hotel up at the mountain, etc. But! Although the forecasts were for chilly but sunny day, the weather in the mountain was too cold but most of all dangerous for a 9 hours hike in the open to the top, as the clouds boded thunderstorms. We went to the hotel, spoke with the manager there and decided not to take the risk. The temperature around the hotel grounds was 6C and it would drop as we got higher. There had been a lightning incident with a tourist the previous week. So we decided to cancel our reservation and to come back in a month or so. Instead we went back down the mountain, stopped the car near a path we liked and went for a short walk in the woods, then had a picnic and just hiked around the green hills.

Doesn't this place remind you of the green hills in The Hobbit?

I have a new favourite mountain. Can't wait to get back there and actually climb Mount Ruen.


  1. Спасибо за красивую прогулку!!Фотографии такие яркие,сочные!!!

  2. You and your ohana are so good about exploring your surroundings.