Monday, May 6, 2013

St. George's Day Parade

Today is St. George's Day - the last of the official holidays, which combined into a lo-o-o-ong weekend this year. In Bulgaria St. George is the patron saint of the army and the day is celebrated as the Day of bravery and of the Bulgarian Army, noted with a military parade.

The celebrations started with flowers and wreaths to the Monument of the Unknown Soldier:

Military choppers and elite troops. Trying hard to take pictures over the crowd, a difficult task, given my height :)))

The guards before the Presidency:

and behind the scenes:)

Ask a stranger to take your picture. Me-Made-May - wearing my cotton cardigan Christina, design by Kim Hargreaves:

And now, exclusive for the readers of this blog, live from the place of action - the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Your humble correspondent was able to shake hands and take up-close pictures of the President, who was generously congratulating the crowd and photographing with children. Ah, my own folks did regret it being too lazy and sleepy this morning to come with me to the parade!!!

And just for good measure - the Alexander Nevski Cathedral

and the Parliament:


  1. I love how your military is honored. Soldiers are so brave and loyal. Freedom is never free.

  2. It's terrific how the military is honored in this way. Soldiers are loyal and extremely brave. Freedom is never free.