Thursday, July 26, 2018

Overdyeing Drops Muskat

While visiting a yarn shop downtown I found that it had a sale of a limited quantity of Drops Muskat yarn.I've knitted with Drops Muskat before and it is truly a very high quality cotton yarn, with luster and durability. However, the colors they had available in the sale were so not my colors. I bought some other yarn that I had planned to buy and left somewhat regretful. And then it occurred to me - why not purchase Muskat in a color I don't like and overdye it, the price of the yarn was quite tempting. I returned to the shop and grabbed 8 balls in this hot pink:

With the help of my umbrella swift I wound the yarn into skeins and then dyed them one by one into a solution of black dye. The resulting color is dark purple with very subtle variations:

After I dyed all of the skeins, I washed them and then put them into the washing machine, using my hand wash cycle and washed them again. I wanted to be sure that the color was fixed. Cotton is a sturdy yarn and it took all of these manipulations quite well, I'm as pleased as a punch :)

While shopping downtown I grabbed some 100% cotton ranforce for bedding and I sewed two pillow cases and a fitted sheet. This is the first time I've sewed a fitted sheet for our bed, adding an elastic. It turned perfect!

And just a strange coincidence - my new purple cotton yarn and the purple part of my Dotted Rays shawl are the exact same color, though I arrived at these colors via absolutely different paths, one on 100% cotton and the other on 100% wool. Curious, right!

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  1. Yay for solving a color issue. How neat you made sheets for your bed! I like the print.