Saturday, July 7, 2018

Aleko Waterfalls, 2018

Despite the forecasts for yet more rain and thunderstorms this Saturday, husband and I decided to venture a short hike on Vitosha. We hadn't been to the mountains for three weeks and I could feel the sedentary lifestyle creep into our frames of mind. It is really easy to forget the euphoria I feel when we walk along the green paths and climb up the hills and to start thinking of our outings as pointless waste of effort. However, the second we got out of the car and put our backpacks on I remembered why we do it - the fresh air, the greenery, the endorphins from the movement of muscles - I felt unstoppable, despite the drizzle that welcomed us from the get go.

The forest was beautiful - dark and spooky. I took only a few pictures, as I didn't want to ruin my camera. The drizzle went on and off for a while, with scattered thunders above and then it turned into full time shower and even louder and more frequent thunders and I had to put the camera away for good and to put on my rain cover. There were some really beautiful images I would have loved to capture, like the white mist that filled in the forest from the evaporation and the view of the Aleko waterfall in the rain on our way back - it looked even fuller, the river was dashing down stronger with the additional water from the sky and the mist of water drops around was spectacular. I should probably research and invest into some rain protection gear for the camera (just a thought).

A view of Sofia under the clouds. It's still raining in the city almost 6 hours later.

Aleko waterfall


  1. Spectacular views! Love the gloomy mood, the air must have been so fresh!

  2. I like that forest path and how it encases you in nature.