Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dotted Rays

My latest project made out of scrap yarn - Dotted Rays by Stephen West. How much I loved this project you might discern from the fact that the minute I finished it I wanted to cast it on in another colorway or at least make the Exploration Station shawl. Pure knitting pleasure!

I had two 30+ gram balls of blue and green turquoise from my Vine Yoke cardigan and two other 30+ balls from my overdyeing experiments with the Haruni Shawl of the same yarn. To liven the colors I dyed some 30+ grams of similar yarn (it was supposed to be the same yarn but it turned very slightly thicker) in golden yellow using left over dye from my Easter egg dyes (this year I felt bad throwing away Easter egg dyes so I kept them after I dyed our eggs :)))

The shawl is very soft and big enough to cover my back or to wrap it around my neck. I didn't want it to grow too much so I blocked it loosely, just washing it and then spreading it to dry without pinning it to form.

Pattern: Dotted Rays by Stephen West
Yarn: Merino Extrafine 150 g, self dyed
Needle: 3.75 mm circular Addi Lace
Time to knit: one week

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