понеделник, 9 април 2018 г.

Easter Picnic at Bovska Skaklya Waterfalls

After a week of cold and rainy days, this Sunday was a gorgeous sunny April day and it also happened to be the Orthodox Easter. The whole family decided to celebrate it in the open with a hike in the Balkan mountains along the trail to one of the beautiful waterfalls in the Iskar gorge - Skaklya waterfalls. We traveled to the village of Bov by train and then climbed the steep trail up along the river Skaklya to the beginning of the waterfalls.

: To our surprise, spring  in the Iskar gorge had obviously arrived here earlier than in Sofia. The meadows were green, the dogwood in full bloom

:The river Skaklya was full after the snow-melt

:The photos don't capture even a fraction of the beauty of this place in real life

:The Balkan mountains

: The beginning of the waterfall (85 m high)

: The scattered houses of the village of Bov on the other side of the gorge

: On top of the hill

: The beginning of the waterfall

: Our picnic place, where we ate our painted eggs and Easter breads, made by Gaby and me

:And back down the trail to the railway station

: Dogwood, covered with martenitzi

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  1. The first photos of that big water fall are wonderful; what a beautiful sight.
    Thank you for the sweater love! I'll be sure to make use of it when it gets cold again or hopefully during this weekend's rain.

  2. Thank you for your recent visit and comments! I'm going to have to make more of an effort to wear my handknit socks.