Friday, March 2, 2018


Even if you are not in Europe, you might have heard of the Siberian cold front, which passed through Central and Eastern Europe, dropping the temperatures in Sofia to -20C and bringing us heaps of snow. The cold made the small birds in our neighborhood desperate for food and the bird feeder on our balcony was frequented as never before - on the coldest day it was like a private aviary, I had to refill it several times :) The sweet little things were so interesting to watch and I took loads of pictures. 99% of all birds were blue and great tits, but there were occasional finches too, even a hawfinch, a bird I hadn't seen before.

And today I got some additions to my stash of whitish yarn, ready to be dyed. I actually dipped into it and dyed some sock yarn, but more about it in my next post :)

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  1. Cute, puffy birds. They're not as interesting around here in my neighborhood. We had a woodpecker but I don't know if he's still around.