Sunday, March 18, 2018

Early Spring in Lozen

Yesterday was the warmest day of March according to forecasts (it was 23C in Sofia!) and though we hadn't made any particular plans for the day we just couldn't miss it staying at home - so we quickly packed our bags and went to one of our favourite low mountain peaks - Polovrak on Lozen mountain. It's only 30-40 min car drive from home, the trail is nice and beautiful and no wonder we visit it at least once a year.

: The first stop along the trail - Lozen Monastery

: The view to Sofia fields up to the Balkan mountains in the distance

: It was true early spring on Lozen - lots and lots of spring flowers!

: Yellow crocuses

:Erythronium (dog's tooth)

: Alpine squill

: Birch trees in bloom

: Willow buds
: Beetles
: Bees

: Dogwood flowers

: Peak Polovrak (1182 m)

: Dam Iskar and Rila far in the distance

: A memorial of an unknown soldier from Benkovski's Flying Band
: Purple crocus

: Hellebore

: Hepatica, probably my most favourite of all spring flowers


  1. Oh, always such a joy to watch how the nature is waking up!!

  2. What a great hike you had. And thank you for the cardigan love. I finished the last of the increases the other day; the fabric looks like it'll fit fine. Hoo-rah for that!