Sunday, March 25, 2018

Stella Alpina Tunic

My latest sweater, probably the last for this winter season. It is an interpretation of a Drops dress design, which I made into a tunic sweater for my daughter. The original dress specifies the use of two different yarns - Drops Fabel (the color mix) and Drops Alpaca (the solid colors). However I decided to use my bobbin of red-orange Cashwool and to dye half of it in a color mix of red, yellow, orange and brown.

Pattern: Dress with star pattern border (loose interpretation)
Yarn: Cashwool 100% merino, 300 g
Needle: 4 mm
Time to knit: two months

As usual, I don't think I even read the whole of the pattern instructions, as I had an idea in my head and I made my own calculations to get it. The knitting took me long, as I had my doubts and hesitations and put the sweater aside for long periods of time.

The bottom part of the sweater is knit across with short rows, provisional cast on and then grafting of the first and the last rows to close the tube, or rather the truncated cone. The same technique is applied for the low part of the sleeves.

For the solid color parts of the sweater I used my description of the Bonus sweater - it was quite easy to adapt it for this tunic, as the yarn and gauge are basically the same.

After last week's high spring temperatures I thought I was late with this snowflake-y sweater, but the temperatures this week dropped so low and we've had so much snow and cold these days, that it is hard to believe that April is behind the corner. Spring is definitely late this year.

It was so cold when we took these pictures today that I had to hurry not to let Gaby freeze without her coat and hat. Definitely sweater weather!


  1. Your daughter looks so pretty in it!
    I so wish my daughter would wear knitted garments...

  2. She's so gorgeous. I like how she isn't afraid of color. I like how the mixed color yarn showed up in this tunic.