Saturday, March 31, 2018

From Zheleznitza to the Blue Arrow Shelter 2018

A vertical walk through seasons was today's hike on Vitosha. The trail is fairly popular nevertheless not your walk in the park - it's uphill climbing all the time to the shelter and steep downhill descent back to the village.
Down in the village it was spring, though not as expressed as in Sofia, where we are at lower altitude. Up by the shelter was still winter, with snow and brutal cold wind, so my winter hat and gloves were very welcome. The transition from spring to winter uphill was fairly slow as it took us long to climb to the shelter. On the way back we took an alternative steep direct path and in less than 45 min we transported ourselves from deep snow and cold wind to warm sunshine, 22C and bird songs. It was somewhat bewildering and magical :)

There were lot's of big purple crocuses along the trail

And I couldn't resist taking pictures of my favourite Rila all the time. The visibility today was excellent.

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  1. Seeing those purple crocuses poke through the snowy patches feels like a wondrous sight. Mother Nature is amazing.