Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bistritza-Zeleznitza-Bistritza, 2018

After the shocking Siberian cold - a warm and sunny Saturday. Today is the Bulgarian National Holiday and we decided to spend it on Vitosha, hiking along the path from the village of Bistritza to the village of Zheleznitza and back, a total of 12 km. On a sunny day in the summer this is "the retirees' walk", as the path is easy, but treading in the snow for 12 km was a solid workout :)

: The air was unusually clear and the visibility was fantastic up to the snowy slopes of the Balkan mountain far in the distance

:The three mountains - Plana up front, Lozen and then the much higher Balkans

: The sky was an amazing bluest blue, I couldn't have enough of it.

: A close up of a view to east Sofia

: Sofia valley and the Balkan mountains

:The path is rich in such wooden posters with deepities. This one reads "Be the change you want to see in the world"

:We had our lunch and short rest by the Zheleznitza river.

:The higher parts of Vitosha in the distance

:The pine path had the delicious smell of pine trees

: Martenitzi, probably from last year, as March has only just begun and we still wear this year's tokens for good health and upcoming spring, gifted on the 1st of March.