Sunday, February 18, 2018

Golo Burdo Mountain

Lately all the sunny and warm days have been happening during the work days, while the weekends are rainy and cold, isn't that a bummer :) But yesterday was an exception, a clear and warm Saturday and though husband had to work, our FB hiking group had planned an event, so off I went to Golo Burdo mountain. We had a phenomenal hike, 16 km from Radomir railway station through most of Golo Burdo, climbing four of its peaks, to Pernik railway station and back to Sofia by train.

:Radomir waterfall - a natural waterfall within a town park

:The fields above Radomir and the peaks we climbed ahead

:The summit of Golo Burdo - Vetrushka peak

:There were lots of purple crocuses all over the mountain

: Rila in the distance

: A flock of geese flew over

:A rare flower - anemone pulsatilla
:Pernik in the distance
: Adonis vernalis

:On the second peak - Kobila

:On the last and probably most steep peak to climb (forgot its name :)

:Down to Pernik and dusty air :(


  1. I think it's cool you have a group to hike with. There are walking groups around here but I'm too lazy to go.