Sunday, September 5, 2021

Adrienne Style Blouse

My second blouse for Gaby. I doubt it will get any wear this year, as the weather is getting colder, but anyway, there will be other summers.

This summer I saw quite a few Adrienne Blouses by Friday Pattern Company and I really came to like the big sleeve style. I did consider for a minute buying the pattern, but then I came upon a few reviews, in which the seamstresses shared the modifications they had had to make to the pattern. The original is a bit primitive, with identical back and front pieces and a completely symmetrical sleeve without a sleeve cap. To improve the fit they had raised the back, modified the sleeve to accommodate for the new back line and one of them had added a sleeve cap and a curved sleeve hem. Having watched that review, it occurred to me, that I have the perfect Burda pattern for this blouse - Burda 6202. It had the raglan sleeves with sleeve caps, low front and higher back, all I had to do was add volume to the sleeves.

For this purpose I simply cut the sleeve pattern, taped additional 20 cm width, smoothed the curve of the sleeve cap and curved the hem - higher (shorter) at the front and lower (longer) at the back - and voila - a new top was born.

And if you wonder why the hem needs to be curved - this is why. When you bend your arm at the elbow, the outer back curve needs to be longer than the inner front curve, so that the sleeve wouldn't pull at the hem.

The blouse can be worn tucked in or outside the bottoms, surprisingly I prefer it tucked in.

Size: 34, modified
Fabric: ITY, 1m.
Time to make: 3 days

Gaby likes slimming, form fitting blouses, tucked in high rise jeans, so I really hope she will like this make too, when she gets it. And if she doesn't - I'm quite willing to shelter it into my wardrobe :)

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