Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Buttoned Rhapsody

 My seventh Rhapsody blouse!

Remember this polka dot Burda blouse I made recently? It was made out of a wide viscose knit fabric with mixed print - polka dots and stripes and after I used up the polka dots, I was left with two strips of stripes, 40 cm wide and approx. 1 m long.

After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that the strips could be used to make a blouse with buttons and a yoke out of a complimenting fabric. It would have been cool to use the polka dots for the yoke, but I didn't gave enough even for a single yoke, not to mention double. Fortunately, I still had a fairly large scrap of navy cotton knit I have used here and there for neckbands and such and I managed to cut the two yokes and the bands for finishing the armholes and the neckline out of it.

In order to fit the blouse into the small strips, I had to slightly shorten it by leveling the curves at the back and the front. Of course, I also modified the neck into a V, added button bands and adjusted the curve under the armholes to fit my smaller bust, as the armholes were gaping. Now everything fits me comfortably and this is my recent go-to blouse when I go out shopping, as it is extremely easy to wear and requires no ironing :)

Pattern: Rhapsody by Love Notions 
Size: XS, modified
Fabric: viscose jersey (stripes), cotton jersey (yoke)
Time to make: 5 days

I'm keeping my modifications to this sleeveless version of the Rhapsody blouse and I'll definitely be making other if I find a suitable summer fabric.

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