Sunday, July 25, 2021

July Makes for Gaby

A few of my latest summer makes for Gaby. Unfortunately, again no modeled pictures :(, just flat photos.

First a set of a bralette and shorts. The bralette is a free sewing pattern, the Hyacinth Bralette by Ohh Lulu. I cut size XS, although Gaby's bust, according to the sixe chart, would fall into the XXS size, and still the bralette turned too small. The pattern pieces include 1/2" seam allowances, which came useful to increase the coverage, and again to that effect I added a 1" hem to the bottom of the bralette. 

I finished the raw edges of the bralette with fold-over elastic and although I had bought lingerie strap elastic, in the end I decided to make the straps out of the same fabric, for a better match.

Size: XS
Fabric: scuba
Time to make: 2 days

The second make out of the sweet flowery scuba fabric is the hit of the summer - shorts with back pockets. The pattern is Burda #122 out of an old paper magazine I have in my collection - 02 / 2011. I made a muslin for the smallest size 36 and I liked a lot the fit on me, only a small sway back correction would be needed. For Gaby, I had to go down to size 34 and I took in the side seams a bit too additionally. I'm finding muslins, especially for pants, extremely useful, now I regret I got rid of a lot of old bedsheets not so long ago :)

Apart from fixing the fit, I made a few minor mods to the pattern - I skipped the front welt pockets and instead added patch back pockets. I also drafted a new waist band, incorporating the changes I had made to the fit of the pants. The band is lined with thinner polyesther lining (remnant from the lining for my hoodie), thus reducing the bulk at the waist.

The pants are closed with a fly front zip - I'm still finding my way around that feature, this is only my second time of installing such a zip. I found very useful Devon Thread Tales's Sasha trousers video and Tailor Girl's master class (in Russian). I ended using a combination of both techniques - there were some very useful tip in both videos.

Size: 36, modified
Fabric: scuba
Time to make: 3 days

Next is a simple off-white T-shirt. This was a very quick make, as I have the pattern pieces cut and the fit adjusted already. The pattern is my latest go-to fitted T-shirt pattern - Burda 6820. However, as the T-shirt came out a bit too plain, I'm not entirely opposed to the idea to try some tie-dyeing on it, while the print technique is still on trend.

Pattern: Burda 6820
Size: 36
Fabric: cotton jersey
Time to make: 1 day

And the final make for Gaby - another pair of shorts. These were made more as a test of the new pattern I bought recently - Burda 118 06/2021. I used fabric remnants from a pair of lounge pants I made for Alex. 

The pattern is fairly easy to make, with elasticated waist and in-seam side pockets. For the pockets I found this video tutorial very informative and with useful tips. You know, the devil in these operations is in the details and Burda never provides detailed instructions :(.

As I didn't have enough fabric, I had to make one of the front parts out of two pieces of fabric. I decided to make it a feature and added piping where the two parts were sewn together. This is my first piping and it could have been more even, but I'm not unhappy with it :)

Size: 36, reduced to 34
Fabric: polycotton jersey
Time to make:  two days

Gaby already wore these shorts at home (I made them at the end of last month) and found them comfortable, but not as good fitting as the ones I made her last July, using another Burda pattern, the tried-and-true Burda #117 05/2013.


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  1. Well done. I am still too timid to dip my toes in the knitted fabric world.