Monday, December 28, 2020

Blouse 114 Burda 11 2020

I finally found the right fabric to sew Blouse 114 from Burda 11 / 2020 - the cover pattern of the issue. I bought the pattern, printed it and glued it as soon as it was available, but the fabric I was planning for it turned insufficient. I recently finished another blouse with it, but more about that later :)

A few weeks ago I came upon the same fabric I had in mind, I believe this is ITY with elastane, in this rich wine color. It was a precut 1.2 m piece and was just enough to fit size 36 with my preliminary corrections for height and width.

First - I reduced the width of the pattern pieces by 1 cm at the fold line, thus a total reduction by 4 cm. If I hadn't corrected for the width, the neckline would have been too wide and slipping off my shoulders all of the time.

Then I reduced the length of the pattern pieces - 1 cm above the arm curve and 3 cm above the waist. I also reduced the length of the grown sleeves by 2 cm and I significantly shortened the cuffs and the waist piece. As I have mentioned, I am quite petite and the pattern seems to have been drafted for someone really tall with very long arms.

Another correction I made was to make the wrist cuffs and the waist cuff more fitting. There is a major contradiction in this pattern - it requires very fluid fabric, but expects it to hold a very long cuff - naturally, the cuff slips downwards and gathers. I preferred to keep the elasticity of cuff instead of reinforcing it and to wear the blouse with the cuffs slightly raised.

Size: 36, reduced in length and width
Fabric: ITY with elastane, 1.2 m
Thread: black polyester on the overlocker, wine polyester on the straight machine
Time to make: 3 days


  1. This is a lovely color on you. You have mad skillz to be able to make so many adjustments so the top looks like it was custom made for you.

    1. Thank you! I'm still learning how to adjust the patterns, but it slowly comes with practice ...