Saturday, May 16, 2020

Bistritza - Zeleznitza 2020

We've been having a very unusual weather these last couple of days - very hot for May, yesterday was 34C in Sofia, very cloudy with fine dust particles in the air and windy without the usual late spring rains, all this due to the transfer of hot Saharan air to our altitudes.
So today we decided to stay in the forest parts of Vitosha, to breath in the pine trees air and enjoy an easy 11 km walk forth and back between the villages of Bistritza and Zeleznitza.
And we had both of our young adult children with us - it is so pleasant to have them as friends and companions on our hikes, while they still enjoy spending time with us!


  1. Perfect place to go for a walk on a very sunny day! Most of the trail is covered by trees. And there is a gazeebo with benches at the half point of the trail. Me I am stuck at home looking at your nice pictures due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

  2. I always like seeing a path through the trees and a flowing river.