Thursday, January 26, 2023

Galaxy Nightgown

My second pattern make from the 2023 Make Nine List - the Tranquil Nightgown by Love Notions.

I bought the pattern at the end of 2022 with a nightgown for my mother in mind. Of course, I could have adapted any t-shirt or knit dress pattern for a nightgown, but I liked so much the crossover details at the hems and the faux wrap top, that I was certain I had to have that pattern. 

The fabric is a gorgeous double knit, very easy to work with in a print, that reminds me of stars and nebulae. And I was lucky to have just the perfect color fabric for the trims.

I chose size M for my mother and I made the gown without any corrections, but for some 3 cm, which I added to the length as my mother wanted her gown almost ankle long.

I already sent the gown and she tried it. The sizing is perfect, but the neck-opening is to wide for her liking, so I will have to take it in next time and I have given her some suggestions how to remedy the gown I've sent her. And there will be a next time - I am already planning another nightgown for her, but a short-sleeved version out of lighter material for the summer.

Size: M, elongated by 3 cm
Fabric: cotton double knit, 1.5 m
Time to make: 4 days

I am so in love with the trim details on this gown, that I definitely plan to make myself a blouse, using the same pattern. Not that I need many new blouses, but ... maybe I do :)

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