Monday, January 2, 2023

Black Men's Longsleeve

The last item I sewed in 2022 - a simple Burda blouse for my son. This is probably one of the quickest sewing projects I've made this year - it took me only a day from start to finish.

The pattern is a true and tried Burda men's blouse, which I was recently surprised to find out had a version with a hood - I am definitely tempted to try it out too. Because I had already sewn this pattern last year and I knew it fitted Alex well, I didn't need to print out the pattern again and it didn't take me much time to cut the pattern pieces out of the fabric - hooray for repeating patterns :)

I sewed size 46, the smallest size in this pattern and it fits Alex with some ease. I had forgotten that he prefers his blouses slim fitting, so next time I might try to take in the ease a bit, but it's not really a big issue and it does depend on the stretchability and softness of the fabric.

Size: 46 with with added length
Fabric: cotton viscose knit
Time to make: 1 day

The only modification I made to the pattern was to add length to the sleeves and the body - some 2-3 cm in total, otherwise I made it more or less as it is. Although it is husband who is kindly posing for a few photos, the blouse is for Alex and, since I liked the soft cotton-viscose knit a lot, I plan to buy and sew another one of these, next time for husband.

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