Saturday, July 2, 2022

Shkatulka Blue Tank Top

Something quick and easy I made for my summer hiking trips - a new tank top. 

I took advantage of our hike today from Dragalevtzi to Momina skala to take a few pictures of my new tank top, while standing on a bridge over the Dragalevtzi river.

The pattern is an oldie I've had in my collection and made a couple of times - a free pattern from Shkatulka. I've used the T-shirt pattern with various modifications, but this is my first with the tank version. I am fairly happy with it, and I actually have another one already made for Gaby. However, I am now curious to find and explore other tank patterns, as this one is a bit too simple for my taste.

For my first try of the tank pattern I used the material from a failed blouse - my so called Picasso top. Because of the unusual construction of the top, I had to cut the back in two pieces, which I then embellished with two color stripes. 

Size: 42, shortened
Fabric:  double knit
Time to make: 2 days

All in all, not so bad for a hiking tank top, but I really want to find a better fitting and more interesting pattern for my next sleeveless tops. And, it turns out, I need quite a few with the hot summer days ahead.

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