Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Russe 2022

We've made it almost a tradition every year around this time - mid-June - mid-July to travel to the Northern part of the country and visit my extended family. Our first stop this year was Russe, the town I was born. 

Russe is a very old and beautiful town, known for its neo-baroque architecture. I always miss its beautiful houses and the magnificent Danube river. However, I do not miss its hot climate. I've been living at the foot of Vitosha for many decades now and every time I visit my family I find it hard to believe that I was used to this kind of heat and it didn't bother me then :)

:In the park, which hosts my old high school

:Along the main street

:The central square

:The beautiful Danube river, yes, the same one that runs through Vienna, where our daughter is now

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