Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Black Blouse Burda 6202

As I mentioned, last month I sewed a blouse for my mom, which I haven't blogged. I had a few scraps of fabric left and I decided to make a short-sleeved blouse my myself. I chose a raglan pattern, as in these patterns the front is usually shorter than in t-shirts with set-in sleeves and my scraps of fabric were small.

The pattern is Burda 6202, which was the first pattern I made with my Brother overlocker, using a similar kind of fabric. As I was cutting the t-shirt out of scraps, I had to make a few compromises - the sleeves are cut on the bias and not on the grain and the neckband is made out of two pieces. The latter wouldn't have been much of an issue, if I hadn't made a blunder - I mistakenly attached the part of the neckband with the connecting seams to the front, instead of the back. They are barely visible and I do not intend to mend it, but it does bug me a little, such a silly mistake :(

I was worried that the bias cut sleeves would not sit properly, but their design - short sleeves, gathered with elastic, actually makes this compromise indiscernible, I think.

Following my notes from the first time I made this pattern, I made a couple of mods - I raised the neckline by 2 cm and I shortened the blouse by 2.5 cm. If I could turn back, I would have shortened the blouse even more and used the saved fabric to cut the neckband out of one whole piece, but I can live with it as it is.

Pattern: Burda 6202
Size: 34, shortened
Fabric: cotton knit, scraps
Time to make: two days

Unlike Central Europe, which is in the clutches on an Arctic cold, we are still enjoying ridiculously, blissfully warm weather in February and I was quite comfortable in my short sleeved blouse during this photo session. I did put on my thin fleece jacket for our walk in the park, but there were young people in  short sleeves in the park, so as unusual as it may seem to make and then to wear a summer blouse in February in the Northern hemisphere, it was actually (almost) weather appropriate. Alas, not for long - the Beast from the East, as they call the approaching cold front, is expected to hit us on Friday, with temperature drops down to -10C. Ugh:(


  1. Yay for overlockers. I need to test mine out on an actual project.

    1. For me the overlocker was a game changer! I've sewn so many knit garments that are actively in use since I bought it!