Sunday, February 28, 2021

Colorblocked Burda Blouse

I made a new short-sleeved blouse. This is Burda #113 from 11 of 2018. I've somehow missed that pattern when it came out, but I noticed it on Ellen's blog - Ellen's Sewing Passion, and immediately added it to my wish list on the Russian Burda site. And when the site had a sale a few days ago, I grabbed another batch of 10 patterns, this blouse among them.

I browsed through my fabric scraps and found two matching pieces, remnants from previous projects, which made a perfect duo. However, when I first placed the pattern pieces on the fabric scraps to see if I had enough fabric, I hadn't noticed that the navy fabric was turned across the grain. I cut the striped pieces and when it came to cutting the navy, I had a little shock - I could fit the pieces, but only if I cut across the grain. And this is jersey fabric, kind of tiny stockinette stitch and direction is important, though this particular fabric does stretch in all directions. 

I spent hours pondering over the problem and in the end decided to modify the pattern pieces in order to make them fit in the right direction. First I shortened the front and the back by 3 cm in addition to my usual shortening by 5 cm and i also reduced the front by another 3 cm, thus reducing the amount of gathering on the side. Thus I was able to fit the back and the front on my fabric scrap to the last millimeter :)

Another obvious modification of the pattern I had to make - I made the blouse short sleeved. I simply didn't have fabric for any other sleeve length, but as my fabric is thin and suitable for the warmer months, this was a welcome mod.

And I also used my true-and-tried method for finishing boat-neck t-shirts. However, this time I raised the neckline a bit too high and made the neck opening a bit too tight, so I'm not entirely happy with the final result, but ... it is what it is, I'll have to live with it. Or rather, Gaby will have to live with it, as the t-shirt is for her :)

Size: 34, modified
Fabric: navy cotton with lycra, striped cotton knit
Time to make: 2 days


  1. That's a cute top! I love the visual interest and how you have the ruching or pleats on the angle.

    1. Thank you! That pattern is certainly a keeper, I'm definitely making more of these for the summer.