Saturday, September 5, 2020

T-Shirt Burda 6202

 My first T-shirt, made with the overlocker. That machine is a game-changer!

I had 1.5 m of very soft thin rayon knit and I decided it was time to cut into it and try to make something nice and wearable for myself.


This is Burdastyle 6202 from their catalogue 01 / 2020. I bought the pattern this spring, intending it for Gaby, as I thought the puffed sleeve was a bit young for me, but I actually like it and I think it is the detail that makes the shirt.

I chose size 34 (the smallest size) and  made my usual modifications - shortened the body 1 cm above the waist and 5.5 cm below the waist, without adding sewing allowances for the hem of the body, so I shortened the body totally by almost 10 cm.

I like the fact that this T-shirt has raglan sleeves, this is a bit different from the usual set-in sleeves of most T-shirt patterns. And I also like the tailored silhouette, all in all, a very feminine pattern.


However, next time I sew this T-shirt for myself, I intend to raise the neckline by a cm or two, as it is rather gaping for my taste, especially on the back.

Pattern: Burda 6202
Size: 34, shortened
Fabric: 100% Rayon knit 
Thread: polyester, black and dark blue; black elastic for the sleeves
Time to make: 2 days

 I sewed the side seams, sleeve seams, hem edges and neckpiece on the overlocker. Then I hemmed the sleeves, using zigzag stitch and attaching elastic, on the Elna. Finally, I hemmed the blouse, using double needle.

Two bonus photos, trying to break the monotony with a few "Instagram-style" poses. I'm so awkward and unsophisticated when posing for photos despite almost a decade of blogging and posting photos of myself in hand-made clothes :) Maybe I should train in front of a mirror, ha-ha :)

Apart from the T-shirt, I also managed to make a new pair of underpants for myself (not seen on the pictures :), using the overlocker and a free pattern (for my size) from Shkatulka.

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