Monday, August 31, 2020

Peak Golyam Kupen

Yesterday was another super hot day in the city, so we decided to seek a bit of freshness in the alpine parts of Vitosha. We started very early in the morning and about 9:00 we were at Aleko hut - and the place was already crowded! Probably because of the pandemic and the troubles and restrictions on traveling abroad and resorting on foreign seas, but this year the seaside and the mountains are packed as never before.

:We started from Aleko and hiked to the peak to the right on the photo - Golyam Kupen (1942 m).

:The path is very easy, well marked and panoramic, with views to Sofia and lots of mountains, from Plana and Lozen to Rila and the Balkans.

:The steep slopes of Golyam Rezen, one of Vitosha's peaks that is most prominent from our part of the city

:The final destination of our hike - peak Golyam Kupen. It is an easily accesible peak, but very rarely visited, as there is no distinct trail to its top.
:Golyam Kupen up close - lots and lots of broken rocks and no trail. We hopped like goats from rock to rock until we reached the top.
:A view to the plateau and peak Skoparnika from the top.

:However, once on top, we realized we were on the wrong top :) - the peak consists of three consequitive rocky tops and we were on the first of them.

: So, we had to go down a bit, up the second small top, down again and up the final highest top with the designation pyramid.

:Views from the top to Sofia and the surrounding areas up to the Balkan mountains

:And back to Aleko. On the way back we gorged ourselves on wild raspberries as much as we could and then some :) The berries we just in season, ripe and sweet and plenty. It was a perfect hike!

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