Saturday, August 15, 2020

Krushuna Waterfalls

The last place we visited on our way back from the Black Sea were the Krushuna Waterfalls. This is a series of travertine waterfalls on the Krushuna river, in the Balkan mountains. I had read a lot about the place and every year we travelled east I had an idea to pass through the waterfalls, finally this year we managed it. It would have been better to go there on a work day and not on a Sunday in August, when the place was packed, but it couldn't be helped. Still, we enjoyed the two hours walk through the park.

: The Krushuna River

:The Blue Pool

:The Waterfall

: Maarata - the cave, where from Krushuna river springs

:The limestone rocks, which give rise to many rivers, waterfalls and caves in the region

:The upper part of the Waterfall

:The Secret Waterfall

:The end of the trail :)


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