Sunday, July 26, 2020

Borovetz 2020

The weather in our mountaineous part of the country continues to be prevailingly English - cold(ish) and rainy. Still, yesterday we found a window of mostly dry weather and went to Borovetz, to hike the pine tree trail to Chakur voivoda hut and back. The day was fresh, with a light drizzle of rain on our way back, which made the air even sweeter with a taste of summer flowers and pine needles.
I didn't feel like bringing the DSLR, so photos from the small Sony travel camera

: Borovetz ski and mountain resort

: Our tireless girl, who only two days before this hike had climbed another mountain peak - Ruen (an almost 30 km hike!)

: Lilium martagon (Петров кръст)
: The trail

: Spotted nutcracker (сокерица) at Chakur voivoda hut

: And back to Borovetz again,
15 km, a total of 4 and a half hours with lunch break at Chakur voivoda hut

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