Thursday, July 30, 2020

Russe 2020

Husband and I are travelling around the country, visiting my extended family. I hadn't been to Russe, a town I love so much, in almost 10 years. Unfortunately, despite the grand river Danube, the town has been hit by a a severe drought and a heat wave during the past month and it was not in its prime, when we went around yesterday. And some of the reconstructions made during the past decade, like the new quay, do not benefet the overall outlook of the city, IMHO. And I had missed my beloved Danube so much ...
A few photos from our short walk under the unbearable heat late in the afternoon:

: Because of its beautiful neo-baroque architecture, Russe is known as "the little Vienna"

: The new quay - lots of concrete, little greenery :(

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