Saturday, April 18, 2020

Simple T-shirt from Shkatulka

Sofia is still blocked, the weather is divine and the only thing that is saving me from going crazy is sewing. Yesterday I took out the large piece of viscose knit I had bought in February and decided to make a simple short sleeve T-shirt. The long sleeve blouse I made in March is my most favourite lately and I wanted another one for the warmer weather.

Although I was quite happy with the fit of the Burda blouse, I wanted to try a new pattern, so I cut the simple T-shirt pattern from Shkatulka. It is a bit more fitted than the Burda pattern and comes in two versions - a sleeveless top and a short-sleeve T-shirt.

To make it a bit more interesting, I added blue cuffs and neckpiece. I finished the hem with the double needle and this time I used tissue paper to make the machine sew without skipping - it worked like a charm!
I also made a pair of panties from the same pattern site and they turned out quite well fitting, though a bit crude without a serger or a cover machine. I'm not sure it was worth it.
I still have about a meter of this viscose knit left, so I'm thinking a Laundry Day Tee in the sleeveless dress version would be lovely!

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  1. I really like how you did the neckline and sleeve hems.