Monday, April 6, 2020

Blouse 101 Burda 3 2020

A few modeled pictures of my linen gauze blouse. This is the second version of this pattern I did this spring. The first was a not very much loved cotton one for my daughter, which was sort of a toile for my own linen version. I love very much the two distinguishing details of the pattern - the bishop sleeves and the butterfly at the back.

The blouse is designed for thin knits, but I believe a thin woven like my linen gauze works just fine. I would still like to try it in a knit fabric one day.

As my fabric is very thin and loosely woven, I made all of my seams French seams, even the seams, attaching the sleeves to the body, and for the double layer butterfly element of the back I applied the methods used for yoked shirts, enclosing all fabric ends inside the double layers.

And a sneak peak to my latest make - a new denim backpack for Gaby. It needs a yellow string, but the red one I had available at home will do for now.

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