Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Denim Backpack

My latest make and I am very, very happy with it - a denim backpack. For this make I used parts out of five different pairs of old jeans and a very clear and easy to follow youtube tutorial.

The backpack is about 30 cm high and 25 cm wide, with three pockets on the outside (each having a smaller pocket on top) and an internal zippered pocket on the inside.

Two denim straps with D-rings and 3-glides and a denim handle:

My daughter asked for some color and I added a flower from the facing cotton fabric. I secured the ends of the flower with transparent nail polish and glued it to the pocket. No idea how it will fare in the laundry.

One thing I intend to change is the red string. I intended to buy another string, but I've reached the conclusion that these plastic strings cheapen the look of the backpack, so I intend to make a denim string these days.

I am especially proud of my rivets - don't they look professional!

My first zippered pocket! It turned out not so difficult to make it and I am glad I made it the difficult way - my previous backpacks and bags had simple pockets. To make the backpack more sturdy, the bottom of the lining is also out of denim with fusible.

I'm looking forward to the end of the quarantine, so that we'll be able to go out again and use our new makes :)

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